Confident ImageShield

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How it Works:

Confident ImageShield is an image-based, user authentication technology that generates one-time passwords by prompting users to identify images that fit their previously-chosen, secret authentication categories. 

Image-Based Authentication One-Time Password

  • The first time a user registers with your website, application or service, they will go through an enrollment process. The user will select a few authentication categories they can easily remember – such as dogs, flowers and cars.  In this example, the user would enter E, T, X
  • Any time authentication is required, the user is presented with a randomly generated grid of images - Confident ImageShield.
  • The user authenticates by identifying which images on the grid fit their secret authentication categories.  They can simply click on the appropriate images, or type the alphanumeric characters that appear on the correct images to form a one-time password.  



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