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Image-Based Authentication For Websites

Confident ImageShield™ is an image-based authentication technology that creates one-time passwords by prompting users to identify which pictures fit their previously-chosen, secret authentication categories. Enterprise organizations and developers can easily integrate Confident ImageShield with their websites, web applications or other security solutions for strong authentication and one-time passwords without the need for expensive hardware tokens, smart cards or biometrics.

How it Works:

Read the data sheet to learn how image-based authentication works.

Image-Based Authentication One-Time Password

Use Cases:

Confident ImageShield provides strong authentication and one-time passwords to solve these business issues: 

Replace passwords

Add a second layer of authentication

Password reset


Replace security challenge questions


Deployment Options:

Confident ImageShield can be used as a stand-alone authentication solution or as an extra layer of security to provide strong user authentication and one-time passwords. It can be easily implemented as: 

  1. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  2. Virtual Appliance
  3. White Label or OEM integration with other enterprise security solutions

Configuration Options:

  • Choose the size and shape of the ImageShield, and the number of pictures displayed

  • Determine how many categories users must remember

  • Dictate whether or not users must identify their categories in order

  • Display or hide letters

  • Choose clickable version or require users to type letters

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Advertising Platform

Image-based authentication provides an opportunity for a unique advertising channel that generates additional revenue on websites. To learn more, please contact us.

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