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An Enterprise Level CAPTCHA Built for Mobile

Confident CAPTCHA is the only CAPTCHA security solution specifically engineered for optimal display and functionality of mobile devices.
For the web, our responsive design provides the optimal flexibility and responsiveness as user’s access your site across various devices, mobile phones, and tablets.
For web applications, our API lets you seamless integrate a touch security technology into your application when you and where you need that extra layer of security and protection for your users and Mobile CAPTCHA comparisonyour technology.

Mobile CAPTCHA Features

  • Touch-friendly -- users can easily hold their mobile phone in one hand and tap the pictures with their thumb

  • Reduce website abandonment

  • Simple, intuitive interface

  • Automatically scales to fill the full display screen without the user needing to zoom

  • Rotates orientation as the user switches from portrait to landscape

Secure your mobile website today!  Integrate in just a few minutes.

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