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CAPTCHA Security Software using Images

Confident CAPTCHA™ is a clickable, image base CAPTCHA that stops spam and bots on websites by asking visitors to click on specific pictures.

Stop dealing with spam on your website, or frustrating your visitors with hard to read text CAPTCHAs.  Put Confident CAPTCHA on your website today! 


Confident CAPTCHA Examples

Benefits of Confident CAPTCHA:

  • Stops spam and bots on blogs, web forms, account registrations, ticketing sites and more

  • Ends user frustration

  • Reduces website abandonment

  • Increases conversion rates



  • International Languages: French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and more.

  • Mobile optimized

  • Audio option for the visually impaired

  • Optional: Brand the CAPTCHA with your logo and marketing messages


Administrative Options:

  • Dial-up or dial-down the difficulty of the CAPTCHA based on your security requirements

  • Choose the size and layout of the CAPTCHA grid. Examples:

  •  Determine the number of images users must click

  • Choose whether to show letters overlaid on the images

  • Choose "Fail Open" or "Fail Close"


> Click here to learn about the mobile version of Confident CAPTCHA<


Deployment Options

Plugins available for most popular CMS platforms including Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress. Easy to use libraries are available for PHP, Java, ASP.NET, and Python.


Get Confident CAPTCHA for your website today!

Customize and integrate Confident CAPTCHA with your website, applications or forms today by registering here to create an account and get key credentials.  You can have Confident CAPTCHA up and running on your site in less than 30 minutes!

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