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Dynamic, Mutual Authentication Technology for Anti-Phishing

Some websites place a static picture on the login page in an attempt to combat phishing. But because the picture never changes, users begin to ignore it and enter their passwords on web pages without looking to see if the right anti-phishing image is there.

Confident ImageShield™ provides dynamic, mutual authentication to fight phishing on websites. It requires the user to actively verify that they are on the legitimate website by identifying which pictures fit their previously-chosen, secret categories. At the same time, Confident ImageShield authenticates the user to the website.

Anti-Phishing Login

Active Authentication for Strong Security

The user knows they are not on a phishing site because only the legitimate website is able to present an ImageShield that that displays all of the user's secret categories. 

At the same time, the user authenticates themselves to the website by proving they know which pictures match their previously-chosen, secret categories.

Only after the user has correctly solved the Confident ImageShield are they allowed to enter their text password on the website to complete the login. 

One-Time Passwords

The specific pictures and their location on the Confident ImageShield are different every time, forming a unique, one-time password with a limited life span for each session. To learn more about how it works, read the Confident ImageShield data sheet.


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