Authentication Products

Web Authentication

Strong Authentication for Web and Mobile 


Web Authentication

Strong Authentication with One-Time Passwords

Confident ImageShield™ is a web-based, user authentication solution that provides intuitive and secure image-based authentication for websites, web applications and web services. It generates one-time passwords by having users identify categories of images.


Multifactor Authentication

Mobile Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication Using Mobile Phones

Confident Multifactor Authentication™ provides out-of-band, two-factor authentication using an image-based authentication challenge sent to the user's mobile phone.


Mobile Authentication

Strong Authentication For Mobile

Confident Mobile Authentication™ provides easy-to-use, strong authentication and one-time passwords for use on mobile applications, mobile websites, mobile transaction authorization, persistent login and to securely enable "bring your own device" (BYOD).


Benefits of Image-Based Authentication

Click here to learn the benefits of using image-based authentication technology on your website or mobile application.


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